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Athletes and Coaches


Mastering your mind is just as important for performance as developing your physical and tactical abilities. Developing psychological skills can improve and maintain performance, even when the going gets tough.

Just some of the issues we can help with:


Control attention to keep your head in the game


Restore and maximise your motivation 


Build it and maintain it


Help to deal with the frustration of injury


Harness pressure to produce excellent performances


Recognise your triggers to manage stress


Understanding the impact of psychology on performance is vital for taking your coaching to the next level. We'll develop your knowledge and skills to help you get the best from your athletes.

Coach-Athlete Relationship

Maximise it's impact


Enhancing athlete motivation and creating an optimal environment


Build your athlete's capacity to withstand pressure

Coaching Style

Reflect on how you can impact your athletes


Taking care of both you and your athletes


Develop your ability to lead your athletes to success

Our Approach

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We take the time to get to know you, the human behind the title of 'athlete' or 'coach'. We want to understand your experiences and build a strong, trusting partnership

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Through regular one-to-one sessions we will work together to establish your goals and develop a plan to help you achieve them

Using psychological techniques and skills, we support you to achieve your performance and wellbeing goals

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Why Embrace Performance?

We know that no two experiences are the same and we care about you as an individual. We listen carefully and work in partnership with you 


We have worked in a wide range of sports, with athletes of all ages, from amateur to elite level. We understand the challenges you face


Everything we do is backed up by psychological research. We translate cutting-edge human science into powerful solutions for you

Leading Insight

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