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Organisational Solutions

Athletes don't exist in a vacuum

Athletes function within a complex social and organisational environment that can have huge influences on them and their performances. 

Integraing sport psychology at an organisational level drives outstanding performance, personal development and wellbeing.

Utilising interventions at the individual, group and organisational level we work with all key stakeholders. This includes engaging with athletes, coaches, parents, support staff and management to optimise the sport environment. 


Clubs, academies and schools can all benefit from psychological support. Get in touch with Embrace Performance now to drive excellence at your organisation.

You want to:

  • Drive excellent performance

  • Nurture and support talent

  • Enhance the psychological development of athletes

  • Maximise motivation and commitment 

  • Promote athlete enjoyment and wellbeing

  • Strengthen teams

  • Develop coach's interpersonal and leadership skills

  • Optimise family involvement

  • Effectively manage difficult periods e.g. selection

Performance Workshops

See our most requested workshops, suitable for athletes, teams, coaches and parents

Our Approach

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Data collection and analysis to get a full picture of your organisation. Identify key areas for improvement

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Design a programme that addresses your specific needs at both an individual, team and organisational level

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Utilise our 'toolbox' of psychological skills and techniques to drive excellence

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Monitor implementation and measure impact to ensure lasting improvements

Why Embrace Performance?

We take the time to understand the specific needs and goals of your organisation and develop solutions that make real impact


We have experience with a range of organisations, working in a variety of sports, with athletes of all ages and competitive levels


Everything we do is backed up by psychological research. We translate cutting-edge human science into powerful solutions

Leading Insight

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