Performance Workshops

Here is a selection of our most requested workshops. Each session is designed to deliver education on a performance psychology topic and provide practical tools for attendees to take away. We work hard to ensure that our workshops are interactive and get audiences excited to embed performance psychology principles in their sport.

Sessions can be adapted to last from 1-3 hours depending of the level of depth required.

 If what you are looking for is not listed, get in touch. We have worked with numerous clients to deliver bespoke workshops tailored to their specific requirements. 

Growth Mindset

Suitable for athletes, parents and coaches

Why is it that some athletes who are labeled as being “less talented” end up being more successful than their “more talented” peers? Research indicates that mindset has a big part to play. This workshop explores the differences between fixed mindset and growth mindset, providing attendees with practical ideas to shift their mindset. Participants will learn how to cultivate a growth mindset - a strength linked to hard work, persistence, continually striving to improve and the ability to embrace challenges as opportunities. 

Healthy Motivation

Suitable for athletes, parents and coaches

We often think of motivation in terms of quantity, but quality is also important. This workshop explores how to develop high-quality athlete motivation and positive sport environments. Participants will learn how to tap into their own motivation and set effective goals to drive performance. This workshop can also be adapted to include topics including passion and perfectionism - helping athletes to understand that these tendencies can have both positive and negative consequences for performance and wellbeing. 

Stress and Thriving

Suitable for athletes, parents and coaches

Performance anxiety can cripple performances, leaving athletes feeling exhausted before they even get started. In the long-term chronic stress has a number of physical and mental health consequences that can impact both athletes and coaches. This workshop explores the science behind stress and provides practical strategies and tools to help you manage it. Learn how to recognise your own stress triggers, overcome knee-jerk stress reactions and protect against burnout. Attendees will leave the session increasingly confident in their ability to thrive under pressure and successfully handle stress.

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Suitable for athletes, coaches, parents and staff

This workshop provides an introduction to common mental health problems including depression, anxiety and eating disorders. The guidance is specifically designed for a sport audience and gives an excellent foundation of awareness for athletes, parents and sport professionals. Learn the signs and symptoms of poor mental health, how to support someone who is struggling and how to maintain your own positive mental health, even in trying times.


Suitable for coaches

Learn why the coach-athlete relationship is so crucial for performance and how to maximise the relationships you have with your athletes. Participants will be guided to reflect on their coaching style and philosophy, recognising their personal strengths and opportunities for development. This workshop will provide a coaches with a selection of practical techniques to strengthen their coach-athlete relationships and their overall coaching effectiveness. 


Suitable for athletes, parents and coaches

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and adversity. As you can imagine, its an incredibly important skill, not just in sport. Attendees will learn techniques to build their personal resilience and the keys to developing a challenge mindset (where they react positively to stress and pressure). This workshop can be adapted for coaches to include evidence-backed strategies and training design insight to increase athlete and team resilience.

Supporting Your Young Athlete

Suitable for parents and coaches

This workshop helps parents and guardians recognise the vital role they play in supporting their young athlete. Attendees will learn the science behind boosting motivation and how to positively impact their athlete's personal and athletic development. The workshop will provide expert guidance on how parents can best support their athletes before, during and after competition - no more awkward car journeys home!

Performance Parents

Suitable for parents

This workshop introduces the science behind youth athletes' psychological and social development, guiding parents and coaches on how they can best support growing independence, opportunity and responsibility. The skills and techniques taught in this workshop provide powerful strategies for parents to help maximise their young athletes' performance, wellbeing and personal development. This session will help you to prepare them for the challenges of the future, whether they're in elite sport, higher education or the workplace.

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