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Athlete Self-Care Alphabet

As we begin lockdown 2.0 in the UK, yet again sport clubs and facilities have unfortunately had to close. It's just as important as last time that athletes take care of their wellbeing and mental health. Here's our Athlete Self-Care Alphabet for some ideas!

Allow yourself to rest and recover

Be honest with friends and family about how you’re feeling

Create a motivating vision board for your aspirations

Download a mindful meditation to listen to

Eat a nourishing meal

Focus your energy on the things you CAN control

Get outside and enjoy nature

Harness the power of a daily routine

Invest time in doing things that bring you joy

Join an online community that feels supportive

Keep active if you can

Listen to your body

Make a list of things you’re grateful for

Notice 5 new things in your environment – use your senses!

Other interests are ok!

Put on your favourite uplifting playlist

Question if there’s any way you can support others

Reach out to teammates – stay connected

Set short-term goals

Talk to someone if you’re struggling

Unplug from technology/rolling news sometimes

Visualise skills or performances

Write down how you’re feeling – journaling is great to offload

X < this was impossible, give us a break…

You are more than just an athlete

Zzz, after a relaxing wind-down routine


Embrace Performance is a Performance Psychology consultancy based in the UK. We work with athletes, teams, coaches and clubs to help them overcome the mental challenges in sport. Our mission is to help clients perform and feel better.

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